JANKINS Thursday


"JANKINS Thursday" is the first MixTape release from rapper JANKINS. Since August 2013, JANKINS has been releasing a new song every Thursday, and this is the collection of all the songs to this point. 17 tracks in total, they range from up tempo TRAP singles to catchy POP anthems. As well as remixing popular artists such as Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Drake and even Michael Jackson. Production on the mixtape come from a range of talented people such as Hermitude, Kill Paris and Brillz. JANKINS, being a formidable lyrical contender, also produced 9 of the tracks on the MixTape and recorded, mixed and remixed the entire album himself. JANKINS brings a bit of polish to the MixTape game with "JANKINS Thursday"

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